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Calgary connection

we arrived early only to be hung up waiting for gate to clear and end up late. Thought we were going to have to haul our butts across Calgary airport, turns out its the same plane!

So much for seeing what YYC is like, theres a Molson Brewpub right across our gate, but i dont think can pound a pint in time.

Damn Westjet

sitting in airplane on tarmac at Calgary waiting to get to the gate. Westjet messed with the flights between the time i made initial reservations and didnt notice it until trying to check in last night. So instead of leaving Kelowna at 3:00 PM we had to get there for flight at 10:30AM. Im salty because that meant we had to leave Revy early in the morning and we were going to miss out in breakfast/brunch at Main Street Cafe.

Instead we had to leave and do the drive to Kelowna in the dark, catch a flight to Calgary, make connection to Vancouver, then layover for four hours before getting onto our original flight home. I suppose if we were really inspired we could take the train to HK’s and get some roast pork.

Damn Kids

get back from getting take out pizza to find police, ambulance in parking. As we park and walk to entrance just inside EMTs are working on someone. Go in different entrance and hear them reporting and unresponsive female at the hotel.

If It Wasn’t For Those Pesky Kids…

Dang those weekend kids! Cases of empty PBR out in the halls this morning, long line at the corner liquor shop as the clerk cards everyone, our room was hastily serviced by housekeeping today, shower ran only warm water. Looks like they stayed on the mountain till last lift though, we bailed earlier and the 3:30 bus was not crowded. We’re thinking we should go early and get dinner.

And the wifi is really slow now.


damn it, all the kids are here now, sounds like its going to be a racuous party night.

Sloshy Town

amother morning on the funk bus. Looks like a new crop of fresh faced visitors. Excited chatter in various languages. Roads in town are all sloshy now, gone is the pristine winter wonderland image.


damn Snow gods are taunting me, 5 cm of snow. Just enough to make finding my camera close to impossible.

Lesson learned

The manufacturer designed in a lanyard hole in their equipment for a reason, use it. I lost my new Sony Actioncam on its first use today on our last run.  Brand new. Should have known better, sigh.

Might be a slim chance we can find it tomorrow, i have a general idea of where it came off. The camera is white, which doesnt help, but it has black and yellow mounting hardware.


mm of new snow. More time for “toasting” my crumpet.


 After all the forecasts of epic snow dumps, this mornings actaul report is 17cm.  While not in the epic range, its enough for us to proceed with waking up early. Hopefully it was too small to trigger the 25cm flu and it wont be so busy. 

And if nothing else, my crumpet will be wrinkle free.