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Edible Briefs – Good Eats TT Sandwich

About a year ago, a small sandwich shop opened on South Street between Halekauila and Queen, just ma’uka of the Motor Imports Toyota service lot. It lingered for maybe a month or two, but then shut down. Velcro went by and said it was good, but after looking at their somewhat daunting assembly-line-instruction menu, I never made it over before they locked their doors. A couple of months ago after some interior renovation, they reopened. Their website appeared to be the same, but the menu was more streamlined. I really don’t know, but it appears that someone took over the shop, keeping the name and genre, but overhauling the business model. Continue reading ‘Edible Briefs – Good Eats TT Sandwich’


Funny how the GM-built Hummers with the fake CTIS wheels have the real valve stem opposite the side that the fake CTIS hose guard detail is.


“it’s all broken!”

I had to crack up hearing kid say that (“it’s all broken!”) as he saw the fx16 here at the autoshow.


Manga Briefs – Mayo Chiki! (JDM)

Briefly, this is a romantic comedy built around a second-year high school boy with a female phobia from years of abuse by his professional-wrestler mother and exuberant younger sister who gets involved with a sadistic princess classmate and her cross-dressing female “butler”. The manga is an adaptation of a light novel series with a TV anime slated to start March 2011 (probably delayed due to the recent earthquake and tsunami). Continue reading ‘Manga Briefs – Mayo Chiki! (JDM)’

JAL Bagel

I hate you, JAL bagel. You taste funny. Your label says you’re “maple-walnut flavored” and that you’re “New-York-style”. I haven’t been to New York, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a maple-walnut bagel before you. Don’t get me wrong – I like bagels – just not you. I almost don’t think you’re really a bagel. When I bend you, you tear instantly. Although you’re dense and chewy inside like you should be, your rind is almost nonexistent. It’s like you weren’t boiled anywhere long enough prior to baking. The long-winded description on your packaging says you’re made with the finest wheat from Montana and pure spring water from the Cascades. I didn’t realize Montana was such a famous wheat-producing state. In any regard though, even the best of ingredients can be made into the worst of foods. Importing ingredients from America doesn’t automatically render an American bagel. I saved part of you for Root to eat so he could taste your nostalgically unpleasant flavor and get all angry too, but he didn’t show up today. I don’t want to be wasteful, but I think I’m just going to throw the remainder of you away since my stomach already feels a little upset. Continue reading ‘JAL Bagel’

First Hawaiian Auto Show

So I found myself driving the FX16 down the halls of the Hawaii Convention Center this wednesday. Kinda neat actually. The FX ended up being put into the SCCA booth at the show because it was one of the few RallyCross vehicles available. Everyone else would be at the actually rally event Saturday. Anyway, it’s pretty cool to have the FX which wouldn’t normally be considered a show car sharing floor space with some nice pretty cars. It’s actually a pretty good example of a rallycross car.

If anyone’s checking out the car show, come upstairs and check out the SCCA booth too!

Red is the New Yellow

I decided to keep track after stating that it seems that nowadays, it is the exception that there is a day that I DON’T see someone run a red light. So far it’s right, the count is 0 for 3.


Go Get Your Cases of Bottled Water

Major quake off east coast of Japan. Its a bit unclear about magnitude, news media here is saying 8.8, but from other sources that may be Japan scale. From media footage, looks like bulk of damage is tsunami, which was significant size, so sounds like we do need to pay attention to the warning that was issued for Hawaii. Of course the gas stations are a mad house when I was driving home, the line from Koko Marina almost reached our street. I’m sure people are running like mad to buy cases of bottled water. I’ll just go run out and fill the jerry can. I guess I should have restocked the food in a bag stuff, all my MREs have long since expired and been thrown out. Anyway, batten down the hatches and watch the run on bottled water, Spam, and toilet paper!

Kustom Kohler

OK, I don’t know if it’s really a Kohler sink or not, but it works with the alliteration. I’ve got only a little over a week before the First Hawaiian Auto Show where my FX is actually going to be shown! Sounds like one of them reality shows, NOT. So today I continued work on the custom engine gravel guard belly pan. Last I left, the sink was almost to the point that I could eyeball it into place. I continued to trim pieces out and make cuts and bends to get it to fit. J cruised in, I had it to the shape that would fit pretty well now. He jumped in and with his skill with the tin snips we cleaned up more spots and put in a final bend for clearance. Something of a milestone, we drilled the first mounting hole! Continue reading ‘Kustom Kohler’

Pretty unbelievably humid for March in Hawaii.