Monthly Archive for August, 2014

Darned Tree

I’m sure my doctor would not be happy if he found out I went sliding down a rooted, rocky trail on my bike in the rain and slammed my just-healed knee into a tree in the bad direction. That turned the last third of Business Time into one-legged parkour with a bike, but the cold weather kept the pain and swelling down so I was able to ride back to Whistler village.

Getting Squamish

We’ve been hearing from people that the riding in Squamish is great, some even saying it’s better than Whistler. Squamish is about 40 minutes south by car so after test fitting (cramming) all the bikes in the Suburban after our Thursday ride, we decided to check it out today. The weather is overcast, cooler, and drizzling. Continue reading ‘Getting Squamish’

khyber death march

Our Top Of The World ride turned into an epic super technical singletrack downhill death march. Imagine doing St. Louis World Cup Downhill for 5 hours. I exaggerate, a little. The start of TOTW trail was rocky and dusty much like lower St Louis. It mellowed out and we found the turnoff to Kyber pass. Continue reading ‘khyber death march’

Top of Wednesday

Sorry about the lack of updates. Lots of riding, eating, sleeping not leaving much energy for writing. Sunday was a nice shake down ride in Lost Lakes. Monday a death march, perhaps not of epic proportions, but it was DM ranked. All day ride on river runs thought it and bunches of other trails ending in Moose Knuckles and a road ride back
Tuesday a nice loosen up the legs fun ride back in the list lakes area.
On tap for today is the Top of the World trail downhill!

Alta Lake Deathmarch

Whoa. 29 km of wandering out past Alta Lake. I’m beat.


Gas Planet

I usually don’t have issues in Canada, but this trip has given me significant flatus.


Whistle Sunday

Flight on Friday was uneventful. Drive from Bellingham was nice. We did get held up in Vancouver navigating the streets and the heavy Saturday traffic. There was some street festival going closing one street. Saw some Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay walking through the streets, presumably on their way to the convention center for the Vancouver anime con happening the weekend. Continue reading ‘Whistle Sunday’

Get Motivated

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday looked as ugly as Monday, but I got off my sorry ass and went riding even though I felt lazy. Tried out some of Chris’ Chamois Butter. Can’t really say it’s better than talcum powder. Two different theories, I guess. I must have been really tired, as I knocked out pretty early and was still tired the following morning. Wonder if I can get in another ride on Friday before I pack up the bike?

D = 10.4 km, Vavr = 14.7 km/h, Vmax = 35.8 km/h, T = 42-minutes, A/D = 152 m

Fallen Arches

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Since the rain that arrived with Tropical Storm Iselle rendered the trails too wet to ride, we went on a brief wander around the Lanai lookout. The original idea was to look at the mountainside “natural arch”, but that is more on the Blowhole parking lot side. The weather was blazing hot and cloudless, leaving little hint that there was a tropical cyclone in the neighborhood less than a day ago.

D = 7.00 km, Vavr = 3.5 km/h, Vmax = 9.6 km/h, T = 2-hours (total trail time about three hours), A/D = 292 m

Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Oktoberfest

Grabbed a sixer of this years SA Oktoberfest. Pours a clear medium dark amber with medium head. A bit of the floral and bitterness of hops, but its not out there prominent. A nice medium roasty and very nice nutty finish. A medium thick mouthfeel without a whole lot of carbonation to lighten it.

A nice brew, an easy 3 out 4 oompha monkeys.