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More Space Food – S&B Golden Curry

Next up in the space food selection is this from S&B. Actually I’d categorize this more as army food. Japanese style curry in retort packaging. Space food it would be freeze dried. To heat, immerse packet in boiling water until hot. I got this one to see what “extra hot” would be like.

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Beer Is Good – Kanazawa Dark Ale

Discovered at Marukai, this Waku Waku Farm Kanazawa Dark Ale. Pours dark brown, medium light head. Roast malt aroma, caramel tones. surprisingly not very bitter. This is actually a pretty mellow and clean  beer. There also isn’t a whole lot of character.

Just barely 3 out 4 waku waku monkeys.

Beer Is Good – New Belgium Abbey Dubbel

Could not resist a “new” offering from New Belgium, not a IPA! It turns out the Belgian style dubbel was one of their first beers. Pours a cloudy dark rose brown with medium light head. Dark malt aroma, hints of prune. Gives way to bitter and some alcohol warmth.

3 out 4 Belgian style monkeys.

Koha Foods Kimchi

Not being Korean, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this kimchi proclaimed on the label. I do now know they should print a warning on the label, contents under fermentation pressure, open carefully! Should have known something was up when there was juice on the bottle already. The jar is jam packed, I don’t think theres any avoiding the spooge escape.

Beer Is Good – Kagua Blanc

Found at Marukai and Donqi, from the label, “Designed by Far Yeast Brewing, Tokyo. Produced by Brewery De Graal, Brakel, Belgium.” So we have Belgian brewed beer for a Japanese company imported by a New Jersey company. Pours a cloudy yellow, medium strong head. Citrus and coriander aroma, though the spice is subtler than others. Faint hint of skunk, also fair bitter. Finishes with astringent on the tongue and lingering spice.

3 out 4 confused Japanese Belgian monkeys.

End of Another Journey

The end of an arduous two weeks for my dad. He passed early this morning after struggling mightily against the pneumonia that struck him in the hospital. We initially came in for abdominal problems, I knew something serious was up and had a quick check at urgent care then went to ER. Turns out gallstones giving him problems and his gallbladder was removed. It should have been a quick procedure and quick healing time. There was some complications, but it went ok. Unfortunately there was more stones and blockage downstream, another procedure took care of that. There were more complication when it should have been getting better. After a total of five trips to OR, all those issues were resolved and things were on the mend. But that much stress was just too much for an almost 90 year old body to deal with, he contracted pneumonia and could not recover from that.

I just wish we could have made it easier on him. At one moment he talked about he wished he could go quick and easy, like my mom. But at the start of this this wasn’t really on my mind. We thought he might have to stay in rehab for a few weeks, then maybe come home with some assistance. That really was the picture and everyone felt that way. But as things dragged on and the pneumonia set in things got darker. Goals started changing, but we couldn’t fulfill his one overwhelming desire to go home. I wished we could have at least done that for a moment. We don’t have the resources for that. We couldn’t put him into a robot and bring him home to rest in his own house and look out over his own yard. Dammit man! Continue reading ‘End of Another Journey’

Beer is Good – New Belgium Fat Tire Belgian White

Special release from Fat Tire, this Belgian white pours cloudy yellow with medium head. Some floral with a stronger citrus aroma and then the spice. Finishes with a nice grain. Bitter is well controlled. Medium mouthfeel. This is a great white, the coriander spice is more subtle than a Hoegarten.

4 out 4 white monkeys.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Recently opened up in the Hawaii Kai shopping center down near the City Mill side, this east coast franchise. On my way home from a early Olomana ride, I was in need of lunch and decided to give it a try. Seeing where it’s from, I had to do it and go for the cheese steak. I did go a bit non traditional and got the chipotle version, with chipotle mayo. They take things a step further and hand cut the meats and cheeses per order. They toss the seasoned meat, onions, and bell peppers on the grill, but against what some might consider authenticity, put a slice of white American cheese on. No Velveeta, I have no complaints. Stuff it into a hoagie roll and there you have it. A gooey mess of tasty goodness, complete with occasional gristle! No processed meat product there. My only complaint would be that it was not chipotly at all. I actually wonder if they forgot.

3 out 4 cheesy monkeys.

Space Food II

What with everything going on the past few days, in one of the evenings I was need of a easy meal. I could have grabbed some take out somewhere, but I had some good salmon sitting in the fridge that I bought before this all went down. Perfect opportunity to break out more Space Food. Grabbed another packed of the previously reviewed miso soup, and then this new packet. This one is a packet of freeze dried gomoku, “five item” rice, spoon includes! The various little squares mention disaster, outdoors, long term storage, 60 minutes with water, 15 minutes with hot water, 373 calories, spoon includes. Continue reading ‘Space Food II’

Space Food

“Don to yasai omisoshiru” my translation? Boom, vegetable miso soup! My latest foray into what i call J astronaut food. Open the metalized plastic packet and you find what looks and feels like a block of foam, not fru fru bubbly flavoring stuff, but like styrofoam. Pour boiling hot water over it and watch it magically transform into miso soup with vegetables, this particular one is kabocha flavor. Its quite amazing, it reconstitutes into soup with recognizable chunks of kabocha, string beans, cabbage. It tastes quite good, and it even somehow retains texture! I dont know if Japanese astronauts actually eat this, but i can imagine its well suited for it.

4 out 4 space monkeys.