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Natural Synthetic

Just saw Penzoil add on TV, closing line is synthetic oil, made from natural gas. Trying to have your cake & eat it?


Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Whitewater IPA

P1060557Yes I know, its an IPA, a weissen IPA. Part of the summer variety pack. Pours slightly cloudy yellow with pretty strong head. Could smell the floral hop when I cracked the cap. Lifting the glass could also smell the hops, a bit of mango, a hint of phenolic. Citrus notes, fairly heavy bitter throughout. Thankfully no skunk, I can actually tolerate this rendition of an IPA. But I won’t be selecting this over other beers.

2 out 4 white IPA monkeys.


Does that Go with Chicken Gunya?

P1060536Making an appearance at Marukai when I first noticed was a sign for these eggs. “Waimana TKG”. You know that sounds like a disease like chikungunya sounds like a yummy ethnic food. These are locally grown using Japanese feed method to give it the strong orange color. And in this day and age they’re being pretty gutsy to market these as appropriate for Tamago Kake Gogan. Hot rice topped with raw egg, add desired condiments, mix em up, grind! It’s been decades since I’ve done that! They label it with two dates, a best by that designates ok for raw usage, and a use date that is in line with conventional egg dating.

They seem to be a small operation so supply does run out. But they seem to have gotten production up as I’ve seen it also at Don Quixote now. It costs about a dollar more for a dozen than the usual, but I think it’s worth it for the additional freshness that you can see. And that color!

Curse of the Cap

Damn. I really should have caught this sooner. I thought everything was good by the end of Sunday. I had the last remaining wires connected in the FX and it started running ok. Prior to that it was running really off and I attributed it to those last wires, even though I could have sworn they were just for instrumentation and wouldn’t effect the engine. Anyway, it seemed to be running alright for the 30 minutes I left it idling to run the radiator flush. Meanwhile I put the dash back together and I was getting a pretty positive feeling about things. Turns out that was premature.

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Mystery Mount

P1060541xNext big step with the rally FX is to get the wiring in. I fixed and retaped where I had pulled a wire out for starter and put the harness in rough position. A major section was encased in a ridged plastic housing that runs below the intake you can see in the picture here. The housing has two holes which must mount it somewhere. Of course none of this was used in the previous install. I think I spent the better part of an hour crawling around the engine bay trying to find where it goes. There were a couple of bolts holes that almost but not quite match. The heck? Continue reading ‘Mystery Mount’

Pimp My Ride

P1060522With the engine physically in place I now needed to go about hooking everything up. Unfortunately all the mods that were done to the FX that this came out of were hack jobs. The short shift cut shift shaft held together with hose clamps, the Momo steering wheel spaced with lamp tubing. The wiring harness was pretty hacked that I’d already fixed a while back. What I’m addressing this time is the fuel supplu line. What had been done was they crammed in the stock 16V line in and bent it. You can’t really see it in this mess of lines, but it was not very clean and it bothered me that it did not seem all that safely routed being in contact with all kinds of parts. Continue reading ‘Pimp My Ride’