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Saving feral cats is dangerous!  Blind cat, scruffed him slightly off and he whipped his head around and took a bite and got me right in the nail. Owtch!



Dammit Burton!

It is so close to us.

Today was that Venus Crossing, but I only had a Panny LX5 and free cardboard ND filter, but I think it came out okay.

Amorphophallus titanum

The rare Corpse Flower native to Sumatra.

It wasnt really super stink, I think a lot of the stink already vanished, though I get the feeling that it can get pretty stink when its ripe.

Snakes on a…

The Brown Tree Snake.  Hated by many for good reason.

I found this guy on my last trip to Guam, it really creeped the crap outta me!  We definitely do not want these things in Hawaii!

Road trip!

United canceled our flight and there are no available flights via anywhere today so we be driving it!  10 hours baybee!

Quest for miles

So I find myself around 1300 miles short of attaining premier status on united. This would be highly advantageous for future travel because of the waived baggage fees. United won’t give me or sell me those eqm’s so I need to fly them on the cheap.

So what I have here is a pretty whack plan.

HNL-LAX 2139 0511
LAX-SFO 0640 0805
SFO-HNL 0849 1205

BUT it was cheap and should save me at least the amount of the ticket in baggage fees.

Please everybody do not panic.

So yet again the fire alarm has gone off at our accommodations.  There are a bunch of unhappy cold people mulling about.

Everytime this seems to happen. 

We Like Trees

So we were fooling around Bigfoot’s Jump Playground, and for some reason I decided to video capture Taro riding through some fun tracks, but instead caught this:

[flashvideo file=media/P1010896.flv /]

Good job!  Thankfully the previously wrist injury wasnt made more serious.

Overheard: powder sucks!

So we were riding the meadows under Franz’s chair in the 19cm of new overnight snow and overheard this conversation:

“I hate you!”
“Powder sucks!
“This is the worst run ever!”