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Are We Live Again?

Fabio has things reset.



Sorry, Dook.

You can’t “humbly” ask for my vote this morning after crying foul and claiming your opponent had “attacked” you. There have been no negative ads from the other camp,, unless you consider getting your poor record handed to you on a plate during the debates an attack.




Darkness Falls

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

I made it home in good time, and the weather was surprisingly nice considering the random heavy squalls falling island wide. I went out for a quick spin, but even with my prompt start, the daylight didn’t last long, sending me homeward bound early. I guess it’s getting to that time of year, even though the midday heat still feels like midsummer. I knew it was too dark when I had difficulty spotting the landing off my regular jump.

D = 8.55 km, Vavr = 14.6 km/h, Vmax = 37.2 km/h, T = 35-minutes, A/D = 129 m

Goin’ Home

Monday, 29 September 2014

Even with the dire forecast of thunderstorms and a flash flood alert in effect, it was dry enough to take a spin when I got home.  The weather was a little to good to be true, for as soon as I got to the farthest end of my normal loop, I felt the raindrops start.  The drizzling was very localized, so I stuck it out until it subsided then hit the little booter a couple of times.  As the sun fell behind the hills and darkness gathered, I sprinted home through wet grass under peach hued skies before the Largo of Dvorak’s Symphony Number 9 could end.

D = 9.51 km, Vavr = 15.4 km/h, Vmax = 42.6 km/h, T = 37-minutes, A/D = 146 m

Darned Mice

The mouse got Vince!

I Can’t Even Look at You Anymore

Drat. That’s two ride opportunities missed this week. Monday was lizard tales with the neighbor and Filter Queen filter cone change, and Wednesday just was dark and doomy after I got off the phone with Chris. The weather is supposed to deteriorate toward the weekend, so Friday will probably be a wash too. Should have really gone on Sunday no matter how ill I felt or how awful the heat.

TR Phone Home

Aloha, SNM fans. Self-invited guest blogger “Toki-doki” here (aptly dubbed, if I may say so myself) to offer explanation, reflection, and atonement for the weird but thankfully brief disturbance I inflicted on the Whistler biketrip guys last week. Not sure which category this falls into, I think it’s mostly “rant” obliquely related to “culture” and “travel”, but more likely it’ll make the reader want to “SUAR”. If you had “roast”, as in celebrity roast, this would sit squarely in that category since Root gets raked pretty good over the coals (or rolled into the imu, if we’re going for regional flavor). And while it’s definitely not food review, I submit the accompanying pink drink photo (more about it later) to counterbalance all the beer-and-gear weighing down this site – nah, actually I don’t have a visual aid for this story, but I figured we owe a tribute to the WAG/SOs [wives and girlfriends/significant others] who steadfastly keep calm and carry on through whatevah, and who will hopefully find this parable entertaining as well. Continue reading ‘TR Phone Home’

Darned Tree

I’m sure my doctor would not be happy if he found out I went sliding down a rooted, rocky trail on my bike in the rain and slammed my just-healed knee into a tree in the bad direction. That turned the last third of Business Time into one-legged parkour with a bike, but the cold weather kept the pain and swelling down so I was able to ride back to Whistler village.

Alta Lake Deathmarch

Whoa. 29 km of wandering out past Alta Lake. I’m beat.


Gas Planet

I usually don’t have issues in Canada, but this trip has given me significant flatus.