Tire test

Did a test run on the Michelin Mountain A/T‘s yesterday after I got home.  I can notice a difference between them and the XCR A/T‘s.  They feel more cushy and have better off-camber and cornering traction.  There’s a little more knob flex – even though the knobs have a larger footprint, they are also taller.  The knob flex is noticable on hardpacked surfaces or pavement, but not on softer, looser surfaces.  I ran them across asphalt, concrete, short lawn, tall grass, packed gravel, loose dirt and packed dirt.

I had to correct the calibration for the computer.  The XCR A/T 2.0 was 2095mm EOD.  The Mountain A/T 2.2 is 2107mm EOD.  Even if the visual size difference appears to be small, the actual measured dimentional difference is fairly significant.

These are great tires, even better than the XCR A/T‘s.  The deserving successor to the venerable Wild Gripper S 2.0 and 2.2

 6.75-miles, Vavr = 11.25, 36-minutes

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