Taco Time

Monday evening ride was Scat, CKucky and me head up to St. Louis. Summer sun now so we have some time to play. Decide to play on some jumps.

 J Scat gets too much air and is barely in the shot!

Chuck hits it too and it’s too much fun, walk up to hit it again! There’s a bit of commotion from Chuck, but I wait for Jay to come through then go down to see what’s up. After landing Chuck got channeled off track and into the shoulder straight into a protruding root. Sudden deceleration made for sudden front wheel taco.

Special secret techniques get the wheel turning, but Chuck decides to turn back.  Scat and I decide to bomb the rest of the trail, sun is running out.

Someone has put in a series of little jumps in the long straight in the burn trail. They’re kind of weird little speed bumps. Trail conditions are prime, previous rains have made traction perfect. It’s a bit bumpy though with lots of rocks exposed & churned out now. Night capped with dinner at that Korean restaurant in McCully shopping center. Bummer CKucky, see what happens when you have a super stiff through axle fork? Check gallery for more images.

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