Fabio, we need ‘Roncam. Coming down Ward, stopped before Beretania because light red, everyone is stopped. Moron in Titan talking on his cell phone rolls into the back of the Suzuki. I pull into the convenience store at the corner & park on side by gas pumps. I see him turn in. He drives past me, parks in the stalls by the shop, gets out, and then starts walking to the store! At this moment he is officially a ‘Ron. I call out to him & ask if his truck is alright. Of course at this point I didn’t really give a flying monkeys behind about his truck. But I guess maybe its my over polite Japanese culture influence method of saying hey ‘Ron, WTF are you doing?! I had already looked at my (actually Dad’s) bumper and damage was trivial. Luckily his bumper did not hit the spare tire. So really that wasn’t the issue, the issue was that he said he didn’t know he hit me. Sheesh.

Anyway, Fabio, you need to finish development of your tailgater cam and we need to make it into the ‘Roncam and adapt it to spool video continuously to a memory card with the big red ‘Ron button to save the video. Or if its made so simply pulling the card out you can view the video file left on the card. You know, if you made it small without needing a laptop, relatively inexpensive unit, bet you could sell it. Consumer version and commercial version, commercial version perhaps some kind of authentication algorithm so it could be submitted as legal evidence. I even give you permission to use the ‘Roncam name.

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