Oakley Flak Jacket, XLJ G30, Rx, Asian Fit

Finally replaced my M Frame Rx’s. I’ve always had problems finding sport glasses to fit my face. Low nosebridge the most annoying problem so that glasses nosepieces were superflous and the bottom edge would sit on cheeks, and a gap over the top of frame I could look out over. At the time the M Frames were one of the few (or only) high coverage sport glasses with a single layer prescription lens. I learned to live with the nose bridge. The optics were stellar. But the prescription insert eventually would cause the outer polycarbonate lens to crack. I actually had one of the first generation models, and went through three iterations. Each successive one Oakley improved on the problem, but eventually those stress cracks would still appear.

With my switch to the Flak Jackets, I’ve finally gone to a paired lens type, instead of the monolithic lens with two Rx inserts. This should eliminate the cracking problems as the entire lens is ground into the required Rx. And now for a couple years Oakley has offered “Asian Fit” in certain frames and goggles. Designed with narrower and higher nosepieces, flatter front curvature, more curve on earstalks. I finally have a pair of glasses that almost fit great. I must need the super asian fit as they still slide down my nose, but the lenses no longer touch my cheeks or get so close that my eyelashes touch. I’m probably going to heat up the eyestalks and bend a little more inward curve on them to help retain them. The lenses are amazing. Being that the entire lens is ground to the prescription, peripheral vision is unmatched. I think the only way to have better peripheral vision is with contacts. With the better fit, coverage is even better, wind is not a problem. The G30 lens tint is a good all around daytime lens. Enough to cut bright direct sun, but light enough to keep using in the shadows. Rose color tint improves contrast.  Hydrophobic treatment works and is touted to be permanent, so far no signs of it losing any of it. 4 out of 5 cool monkeys.

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