Edible Briefs – Queen Bee Lounge Revisited

queen_bee_vealI was a little apprehensive revisiting this place so soon after the mummifying experience last time, but this is where the office was picking up food, so the die was cast.  I took a chance on the “Veal”, and was pleasantly surprised with two giant breaded ground veal patties, reminiscent of the ones that were available at the cafeterias in the UH system in the days before SoDexHo.  The rice was good (B), the macaroni salad was a little runny (C) but tasted fine (especially after dumping some El Yucateco Habanero hot sauce on it!), and the entree and gravy was good (B-).  The veal patties appear to be some pre-made third-party product that they deep fry.  Mine (and actually everyone else’s food like chicken katsu) was a little on the dark/overcooked side as appearances go, but the flavor was fine – it just looked burnt.  Maybe this is an oil issue.  I usually opt for brown rice and tossed salad on plate lunches, but I am not sure if these are offered at Queen Bee.  The veal was placed over some chopped cabbage, mostly to catch any remaining frying oil, but that was like vegetables…

About $6 USD


Three out of four grinning monkeys

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