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Powder is our friend

Forgot to blog Wednesday, too busy riding! Forecast snow actually happened overnight, we decided to head to Powder Mountain that reported 8 inches. We heard good things about Powmow, and what we heard was true, no lift line at all. the eight inch of freshies is true, and it’s not stopping! Only drawback is you can’t see, but its still great! Forecast was clearing at noon, never happened, but we pound the snow so much we don’t even stop for lunch, pow is our food! Memories of the days of crud fade replaced by happiness of smooth buttery fresh snow, with only a handful of other happy souls seen on the slopes at any time. This made it all worthwhile, I can only imagine what it’s like when they get a real powder day.
I think this gets six thumbs up from Team Cobra!

Snow should be our frind

A moderate snowfall was reported last night and it still raining down here in town. This may be as good as we get this trip, time to check it out!

Ice is not our friend

So all that wind and rain equaled icy on our visit to Snowbasin. Venturing off the groomers was rewarded with superhardpack bumpy jarring ride. It was a groomer only day. A shame because there was a lot of really nice looking terrain at Snowbasin. We made what we could of it, capped it off by trying to ride a box at the very end and falling on my ass onto the concrete hard “snow”. It was still a fun day.

Wind is not our friend

Reported 6 inches of snow at Snowbird, head out there. Step out into parking lot to a chilling wind. Stand in snail pace line for what seemed like half an hour to arrive at window to find all but three lifts closed. Make last minute decision to bail & try Brighton. Brighton is also chillingly windy, & crowded with people with the same idea. We decide to save the legs & call it an off day for riding.


First day of riding, off too a late start, no new snow, everyone feeling unmotivated. We head to Solitude, a 40 min drive at most. Cloudy skies, calm winds, pretty warm. No lines, we get passes and head on up the lifts. Right off the second lift we head into gnarly land through a gate with warnings for experts only. We survive, but it was hardly worth the effort, snow conditions were not prime.
We did find some fun stuff, but later in day the precipitation started, which from midway down was rain. Rain makes for pretty sucky snow.
An not bad first riding day. My impressions of Solitude up to now, easy access, not crowded, no lift lines even on a long weeken Sunday of regular season, pretty good sized area, lift price on par, food prices high on par with resorts. Wish we had some of the Utah powder it’s famous for as that would be something to give it props over WB. Only other main complaint is they have a bunch of slow lifts and seem to like making steep exit ramps that shoot you right into walls.

No PC Dirtbagging

Dang it, SFO to SLC flight delayed, won’t be doing the park city dirtbag freebee deal.
Car rental counter is taking forever too.


Delayed in SFO

AO SFO. SFO-SLC flight delayed first by one hour, then by two. So much for first day boarding…


Outbound for SFO!

On board UA 078. Let’s go!


Where the hell is my beer!

IMG_0001Dammit, what heck, it’s just past 10:00pm and all the bars at HNL airport are closed!



Off to board in Utah.  Hopefully the snow conditions will be much nicer than what Root and Fabio experienced on their initial early-season exploration last time!