Not Oreo Taiyaki

Dammit!  The dude at Akimune-an has to get his ears checked. I don’t know how I can say, “two Oreo and two anko taiyaki, please,” and it gets misconstrued as, “two custard crème and two anko taiyaki, please.”  It sounds nothing alike – not even close.  And it wasn’t like he didn’t hear me because it was too noisy or I wasn’t speaking loud enough or clear enough since he didn’t ask, “what?” or even throw a quizzical eyebrow.  Krapp!  It would be the filling that I object to the most on intuitive levels and had absolutely no intention whatsoever of trying that I end up with.  Since the special flavors rotate on a bi-weekly basis and I saw Oreo advertised last week, with my luck if I go back on Thursday, the flavor will have changed.  If I say that I wasn’t really all that excited about Oreo flavor, someone will call sour grapes.  Truthfully, I wasn’t dying to get some, otherwise I’d have ordered them last week.  It’s being denied them and getting the shitty flavor instead that bothers me more than not actually getting to taste Oreo.  Now I’m sad.

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