Karate Girl – Yes the head minion is gaijin

Ugh, Crunchy Roll just started streaming this movie featuring karate cutie Rina Takeda. I’ve seen two other films featuring her, the recently reviewed Dead Sushi, and the one that brought her to attention, High Kick Girl. High Kick Girl suffered from many problems, the worst of which was the gratuitous monstrous overuse of slo-mo playbacks. Karate Girl suffers from as many problems, the only one not is overusing slo-mo. The worst offense is the story is plodding, totally unimaginative, played out. All the characters are shallow and uninteresting. When you find the story so stupid in an uninteresting way, you tend to notice the dumb events and actions that you might overlook otherwise. Like hey, I’m going to stand around the street in town in my gi and fight my sister, but after that when I go to the bad guy lair I’m going to change into my school girl uniform so all the guys can get their fighting seifuku fetish on! And hey, let me tromp through all the dark hallways of the lair and get to the dojo hall with the baddie waiting, and then all the minion fighters come running from some other room. Maybe she caught them on lunch and they were all in the cafeteria. At least the lair is ADA complaint all the way to the roof! Oh, and of course the top bad guy fighter is a gaijin. A gaijin that seems to idolize the legendary black belt, which you think, WTF is the fuss over this piece of black cloth? It’s like it has mystical powers, but it doesn’t. And when gaijin fighter found out that top evil wheelchair dude pulled one over on him with a fake belt, he really should have stopped fighting and switched allegiance to the real belt. I guess it was too late, the girls needed the human punching/kicking bag for the finale.

The action is ok, but the lack of character hurts. None of the villans have any character, at least High Kick had some. Anyway, I have to say that was a waste of time, I can’t really recommend this movie. Karate practicioners might find it interesting, or not. The signature “stance” thing gets pretty silly, I was expecting a henshin Kamen Rider V3!

1 out 4 karate in a skirt but not seeing anything monkeys.

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