GoPro Dead Cat

Huh, what? Apparently “dead cat” is an industry term, much like Monkey Sh*t. It’s those furry microphone wind muff screens. I was browsing Amazon and came across one for the GoPro on sale. However $10 seemed a bit much so I decided to make one myself. The hardest part was sourcing the synthetic fur. The lady at Calico Cat in Kaimuki said she had some, but when  I went to look it was really short pile stuff. BTW, if you’re into knitting and fabric stuff, you should stop in there, she’s a really nice lady.  What to do?

Lucky for  you Musubi that real dead cat does not work, eh?  It just so happens that Calico Cat is right next to Goodwill, and it dawned on me as I walked back to my car that I should be able to find something there!

Hey look, an old Burton snowboard boot! Sorry, nothing usable there. What I did find was the shelves full of plushies and various stuffed things. Took some rumaging to find some good candidates. Needed to be long hair, and not white. Longer pile makes for better wind muffling, and not white doesn’t show dirt!

I settled on this teddy, $1 later it was mine. So now he has donated an arm for the cause. The stuffing removed and seams cut gave a piece that I could cut to size to match the back of the GoPro housing. Dug out the 3M super double stick tape and all was left to do was trim to fit.

Stick the pieces of tape to the GoPro door like so. Then stick the patch of fur. Fur!

And there you have it, a GoPro Dead Cat, for a couple bucks! Remains to be seen (heard) how well it works.

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  • Oh, BTW the commercial one being sold is $20! Can buy a whole army of sacrificial Teddy bears and roll of sticky tape for that! And no, it doesn’t come with the door either!

  • Granted your home-crafted version is cheaper material-wise (how much is your time worth?), but does it actually work? I guess if you don’t actually buy the commercial version and another open door, you can’t do the soda A/soda B side-by-side comparison.

  • Can I have the rest of the bear?

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