Turned Back by Rain

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Oh well.  When I got home, the weather looked unhapy, even though everything was fine and sunny less than an hour before on the traffic cameras.  I still wanted to at least get a spin on the modded Moment “A2” to see how everything felt, so I went out for my normal neighborhood spin.  Not unexpectedly of course, within about 10 minutes it started to drizzle, so I returned home.  I did get in the whole loop, but didn’t get to do any sprints or climbing interval laps. 

The new Selle San Marco Concor Carbon FX Protek feels fine.  I could drop the nose a little, since on the last climb going home, I did notice that I had moved back in the saddle and the wide part was bumping my thighs on the downstroke.  Although the wide Race Face Next Carbon handlebar mitigates any rise in body position from the shorter Race Face Turbine stem, the 20mm greater travel of the Fox 36 over the 32 raises the front of the bike and puts me in a more upright position by default.  That’s putting more weight on the saddle and less on the grips. so although there will be less hand discomfort, there will be more pressure on the ischial arches.  That is also shifting the center of gravity toward the back wheel, so I’ll have to bump up the rear shock pressure to keep the suspension from settling into a sagged out position.  When I was putting the bike away, I noticed a little play in the headset. Guess something settled in.

The new fork felt great on a half-meter step-down and the valve cover kicker, and the diagonal curb cut tracking was amazing.  The 32 with the 9mm DT RWS through-axle was already exceptionally stiff, but the 20mm through-axle on the 36 had absolutely no twisting flex.

D = 7.35 km, Vavr = 14.7 km/h, Vmax = 33.5 km/h, T = 30-minutes, A/D = 127 m

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