Where has All the Gluten Gone?

Decided to try out Pieology in Aina Haina today. Waiting in line to order, read the fine print on the wall posters describing the choices. The footnote for the gluten free crust, they do not recommend the gluten free crust for those who have celiac disease, for those who have a real reason for it. So really, it’s a marketing ploy.

Oh, and how was the pizza? The concept does encourage overloading, but I went with a house sauce pizza w/mozzarella & bit of parmesan, pepperoni, olives, basil, roasted red pepper and it still came out a soggy floppy crust. Just the amount of cheese they use guarantees it. Honestly, the crust makes half the pizza. Toppings if using quality sources isn’t going to vary much between places. Once you get past the novelty of the Subway style ordering, is it worth $11 for a 11″ pizza? I dunno. If I’m going to load myself with the amount of sodium I detect, I’d rather it be a good pizza. If I want a floppy pizza, I’d rather get Boston’s dirtbag closing time specials. The crust may be floppy, but it does still have some character and flavor.

Sorry guys, I’ll give you more than one, but not two out of four floppy salty monkeys.

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