was at client call and discovered this, Omusubi GABA, in this tucked away shopping complex on the edge of Waikiki called Eaton Square. I’ve always noticed the entryway and the BBQ place visible from Hobron Lane. Never went in until now. You go into a pretty nice inner courtyard with interesting water features and koi pond.

This shop specializes in musubi made with GABA rice. Rice that has been germinated which causes enzymes to activate and increases levels of nutrients and softens the texture. It’s a small, bright space that might remind one of a Bakery with product lines up carefully on shelves for you to select. They are also carefully labeled detailing ingredients and even country of origin.

I selected an unagi and a Hokkaido salmon musubi. Yeah, the unagi was Chinese, I’m sure there was no way they could afford to use Japanese unagi at their price point.

These aren’t local onigiri that you could oni-kiri with by beaning said oni with the dense mashed together rice. The musubi was good, but Mana Bu’s is still better. I’d give it 3 out 4 GABA monkeys.

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