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Sam Adams Bonfire Blonde

p1060705Next up in the variety pack is this blonde ale. Pours clear medium yellow, weak head. Smoke aroma, not a terribly complex peaty smoke, just a straight smoke your bacon smoke. Hop tang and touch of citrus, clean finish. Medium mouthfeel, weak carbonation.

Just makes 3 out 4 smokey monkeys.




Beer Is Good – Sam Adams Toasted Caramel Bock

p1060704In the Samuel Adams Fall Variety Pack, pours a very dark amber with small head. Dark roast aroma, bitterness in the middle gives way to a controlled sweetness. A nice nuttiness sneaks in on the finish. The sweetness along with the carbonation that goes quickly away does give it a moderately heavy mouthfeel.

Not as heavy hitting as some bock’s I’ve had, this is pretty nice drinking. Still it’s more appropriate to slow drinking than sessioning.

I give it 3.5 out of 4 goaty monkeys.




OK, SKD wrangled me with their Ninja school promo discount and a bought a couple things. One is this bag from Hawkepaks they call the recon rifle bag. No, it’s not a tactical man purse, it’s going to be my tool bag for work!

The gray bag on the left is what I’ve been using. It’s a $5 NAPA bargain bin special, but I like it because it has tool pockets that my tools kind of fit into. It’s a touch too small sometimes and the cheap fabric is falling apart, but at $5 I just buy another, this is my second.

So now I have this new made in USA bag. It’s clearly made of more robust Cordura and features more compartments and a nicely padded shoulder strap. It also came with additional MOLLE pouches, one for water bottle and other three magazine pouch to attach as desired, and a holster doodad. Looks like I can make use of all of the parts except for the waist strap. I think that’s going to become spare parts.

So the question is, is this new pack worth 16 times more than the bag I was using? We shall see.