Tools for Trannies

p1060995So update on the rally FX16. I spent a day getting the broken axle spud out of the transaxle. I first tried to drill and tap a hole in the broken piece. I was able to drill a decently deep hole to start, but when I tried to go up to the proper size for the tap I wanted to use I didn’t go anywhere. Tried to use next size down tap, ended up snapping it. Oh well, there was enough of a hole to insert a bolt then hit it with the MIG welder. It was proving difficult, I was doing this with it still in the car. Finally dropped the transaxle out and got the bolt welded, a slide hammer on it, and the piece extracted. Unfortunately it looks like there’s some damage.

So now I need to open up the tranny to get the diff out. Another roadblock is the need to extract the 5th gears which are really tight clearance. My common two arm adjusty arm puller is too thick. Bunch of searching found straight arm pullers look like it would work. Further searching and I found Grainger stocks the right size Proto, at a premium price, ouch! I don’t mind investing in tools, this was a bit steep, but it is USA made. Of course that is not end of story. It’s too thick, so here I am taking a grinder to a brand new expensive tool! Ah well, it works.

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