Pump It Up

Haven’t gotten the new hoses yet, but I put back together what I had and replaced the worst condition hose with the closest non-metric last night. Put some gas in and fired it up. Pump is definitely quiet now. Driveability is harder to determine, there does seem to be more power. The standing start freeway merge gets pretty nutty when you bang it all the way to 7500 before shifting, it makes the tires burnout when you drop into second. Unfortunately the dying out when clutching in coming to a stop came back. At first I though it was cured, but alas no joy there. There should be half a tank of gas now, despite what the gauge says. That’s another common problem of Corollas of this vintage, the gas level senders go bad. I tried taking it apart and doing the bend the armature trick, which helped. Oh yeah, another little rant. Finding the fuel sender gasket is proving to be impossible! Found an aftermarket, but it’s dubious that its the correct size. Finally found somewhere to order it from, it’ll be a $6 experiment so no big loss. It’s not available separately from Toyota, you need to order the entire sender, which isn’t cheap. So for now it’s back together with the slightly torn original. It’s not too critical as its not under a lot of pressure and does not seem to be leaking.

Anyway, if I can solve the stalling at occasional stop problem, it’d be pretty nice.

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