Pie My Eye!

Pro Bar Fuel Blueberry Pie

When you’ve been riding for 8 days straight and eating¬†the same sets of energy bars, you run into food fatigue¬†and don’t want to see another bar for a while. It’s been a few weeks now and were back riding at home, but I still have some of that fatigue, so I decided to try one of these that I haven’t before. The picture and name conjured up images of yummy pastries. Imagine my disappointment when I tore the package open and saw this. I didn’t expect to see a slice of pie like in the illustration, but I had at least hoped for something like a Pop-tart. What about this is blueberry pie? OK, there is the aroma of blueberry, but this is pretty much a fig bar. Not even a fig Newton with the somewhat crusty stuff. It’s not aweful, but it’s not PIE!

I’m tempted to give it less because I feel deceived, but I’ll give it 2 out 4 pie coveting monkeys.

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