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I’ve noticed something in my recent orders from Amazon, and it kinda bugs me. It’s the shipping. Pay more or get a membership and you get faster shipping, opt for cheaper and you get slower shipping, right? I usually am not in a rush so usually go cheaper, but noticed it wasn’t slower shipping, rather you are paying to get your stuff sooner. Instead of sending the items out cheaper USPS, which sometimes would arrive quite fast, they would hold my order until 2 days before the quoted arrival date, then ship it out 2 day UPS air. So yes, it arrives by the date they said it will, but the freight cost is the same to them. I still order from them, but it doesn’t leave a good taste. Oh, and their packing is usually pretty lame. Pick a box bigger than the item, throw in a few air packs, throw item in, ship it. Its amazing my camera was ok rattling and sliding around in the box. I guess if items get damaged in transit, its nothing to them to replace it.

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