Mmm, theobromine

P1010398So I got this annoying cough. I thought I was getting hit with allergies starting a number of days ago. Itchy eyes, sinus pressure. Now this cough and somewhat general melaise. Might be a cold. Just popped a giant guaifenesin expectorant tablet. Damn that thing was a horse pill, wasn’t quite expecting that! Almost gagged it up! Hoping that will loosen things up and make the coughs a bit more productive. This particular one is max strength, hugest dose I’ve seen, 1200mg.

To calm the cough, here’s an interesting one, dark chocolate. Seems the cacao has stuff that in some research has shown to be more effective than codeine in suppressing coughs. Of course I don’t know if it’s been studied wide enough to be reliable, but what the heck, it’s was an excuse to go buy bars of Godiva dark chocolate that was on sale at Longs. And who needs an excuse to have some good dark chocolate anyway! So some hot steaming and spicy pho for dinner certainly loosened up some of that mucous, followed by lots of water, and a 43g bar of dark chocolate, and you know what, hardly a cough. Is it placebo? I dunno, but I’m not complaining. If I plan to continue trying this, it might be better to look for higher cacao concentration bars with less sugar and fats though. In any case, it sure puts me in a better mood, chocolate is good for you!

Oh, and don’t bother with milk or white cholocate. Milk chocolate is barely chocolate, and white chocolateĀ is an insult.

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