Edible Briefs – Gyu-tan Sumiyaki Kikyu

Found a new place for gyu-tan in Sapporo, actually in a very convenient location. If you know where the Mexican restaurant in the JR Sapporo-eki Paseo B1 arcade is, it’s North of that in the newly remodeled area. I got the kakuni-don teishoku (1500-yen), which of course had a donburi topped with kakuni (soy-sauce-braised pork belly), a salad, tail soup (clear oxtail soup with julienned green onions), and a side of charbroiled gyu-tan. In all honesty, the kakuni was not very good. I really should have just gotten the gyu-tan-don (1300-yen). The gyu-tan, tsukemono, salad and tail soup were all very good. There was an evil nuka-zuke togarashi (pickled hot pepper) that packed a pretty good burn that was nestled amongst the pickles. I was a little surprised that it wasn’t that busy, but I was there at 13:30, so I probably just missed the lunch crowd. Service was fast and competent. Ingredient quality was very good. There’s no English menu, but pointing works.


Three out of four tongue-monkeys

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