Here’s the Scoops

Got my roof vent and scoop kit last week so I set out to install. It’s not anything terribly complex, just cut a hole in roof, drill a bunch of holes, bolt it in. It did take a fair amount of the weekend as I took my time and also needed to run to the hardware store a couple times. It went together nicely.

So now the FX looks all extreme rally ready. Just needs light bar and gravel guard that I’ve been debating how to make. Oh yeah, it looks cool, but how does it work? Took it for a test ride just now and happy to report it works quite nicely. Good test as it started raining. At highway speed and the vent open in the forward direction it cranks in a lot of air. Only thing is with it centered most of that airflow is going right in the center, between the seats, where no one sits. With the rain, flipping the vent to rear opening allows ventilation but keeps out the rain, except when the car adjacent to you hits a big puddle and throws a big splash all over. This should be a nice addition since the FX has no A/C.

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