Beer Is Good – Sierra Nevada Nooner

Next up in their summer variety pack is this pilsner. Pours a clear bright yellow with moderate head. Hop aroma and bitterness right off the bat. Bright and dry with a light mouthfeel. With its pretty strong hop, the bitterness stays on but thankfully does not suffer from skunkiness. Was never a big fan of strong hops so pilsners and especially IPAs did not appeal to me, although I’ve had some pilsners that I thought were good. This particular pils I’d say is alright. It’s usually the skunk that really turns me off, that’s actually a sign of mishandling, hops that’s been lightstruck, but this does not suffer from that. This beer would be good with some food, alone it doesn’t excite me.

It’s prob better than a 2 but I’m giving it a 2 out 4 pils monkeys.

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