Damp Tuesday

Woke up once at 4AM, outside was raining and wet. Weather forecasts here are pretty spot on, Tuesday was forecast for a damp day. It was a lazy morning and we eventually made our way to the Village to browse and shop. Lunch was Gone Village Eatery for a second day in a row. The guys had never been to this soup and sandwhich shop tucked behind the bookstore before, good stuff.

It had gotten to mid afternoon so the thought of going to Squamish, where the weather forecast was better, was nixed. We instead headed back to the condo, after grabbing the $48 parking ticket. Word of advice, pay attention to your parking, they are quite vigilant here.

The weather was never actively rainy, but the ground was still wet.. Prepped for colder riding and headed out to check out Lower Your Seatpost and Train Wreck. A short drive out of town and we parked in a small lot by the Interpretaive Trail. Rode for a short distance on the highway, people here are much more conscious of cyclists, but it’s stilll unnerving to be cycling on the road and having traffic whizzing by you at 100km/hr. Found the trail and was reminded of old school Hawaiii trails. Narrow winding though heavy veggetation, lots of wet roots,  lots of getting off and pushing. The dirt is cindery so it doesnt pack though and the rocks are granite offering amazing grip even when wet. This short trail led into Train Wreck which appropriate runs along the train track. More of the same type of trail. The namesake feature is the bunch of wrecked train cars found on the trail. There are some insane stunts built on them, but they look weathered and not very maintained. There’s some nice grafiiti art on the cars.

Honestly these are not trails I would recommend going out of your way to ride iF you want some quality riding. However if you want some awesome views of the Cheakamus River with falls and seeing some whitewater kayakers drop them if lucky as we were, and checking out the neat train cars and art, its pretty cool.

The ride being so short, we drove back to the condo and quickly  unloaded and hit a quick lost lake ride. Hit Why Johnny Cant Read and Grand Wazoo as the light was wanning, I think we were the last riders on the trail. Vince wanted to check out the jump park and Vince and I ended up playing on the jumps until you could barely make out the shape of the jump lips in the dusk light.

Dinner was steaks and salad cooked in, good times!

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