Space Food II

What with everything going on the past few days, in one of the evenings I was need of a easy meal. I could have grabbed some take out somewhere, but I had some good salmon sitting in the fridge that I bought before this all went down. Perfect opportunity to break out more Space Food. Grabbed another packed of the previously reviewed miso soup, and then this new packet. This one is a packet of freeze dried gomoku, “five item” rice, spoon includes! The various little squares mention disaster, outdoors, long term storage, 60 minutes with water, 15 minutes with hot water, 373 calories, spoon includes. 

Tear open the metalized packet and see the crystal like bits of rice and find the advertised spoon. Oh, in case you didn’t decode the rear instructions, make sure and dig around and find the vermiculite oxygen absorber packet. It was buried in my packet and I couldn’t see it. You won’t enjoy biting into that, and I’m not sure how it’ll react to being soaked in water. It’s not dessicant so I think it won’t be an exothermic, but still…. Prepare some hot water, waiting 60 minutes for rice would defeat the intent of my meal tonight. Pour in 170mm, or fill until the line marked on the inside of pack. Zip up the top and set aside and wait.

So in the amount of time it took me to salt broil the piece of king salmon I had, I figured it was close to 15 minutes. Opened up the packed and grabbed the included spoon. It was kind of superfluous here, but I can see it being helpful if you’re in the field. Don’t know about if you’re in space though, I can see it floating away.   Scooped out and into a chawan. What you see here is about 3/4 the contents of the one pack.

So how was it? I don’t think it was quite as amazing as the miso soup, but the soup has the advantage of being, well, soup. The rice grains were remarkably intact and not mushy, but not pristine as top quality fresh cooked rice. I think I pulled it a little early too, it was still a touch hard. Still, it was above acceptable, I’ve had far worse rice locally that was a mushy mess. If you’re on the run from the zombie masses, or hunkered down in your bunker in the storm after the calm, this would be more than welcome.

3 out 4 prepper monkeys.

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